The Phrao valley and our Resort you can also reach by bicycle. The route on road # 1150 from East or West are only a short driving distance through beautiful nature with mountains and valleys, but because of steep rising and downhill sections the drive consumes a lot of energy and time. The route from Chiangmai on road # 1001 is about 120 kilometers long – also leads you through nature and forests – but is more comfortable to drive. For guests of our Resort we have bicycles for rent. The valley of Phrao is flat and you can drive around on your own on good streets. It will certainly be a cultural adventure driving from village to village. By driving with the bicycle you can observe the friendly population at work or at their home – visit temples – or the daily market in Phrao – all in short distances. Our staff will be happy to provide you with information of interesting places that you could visit.


Northern Thailand offers terrain riders a wealth of adventurous motorcycle routes. A veritable Mecca for demanding off-road rider. Share with us the fun and unforgettable experience! Driving the motorcycle groups near a mountain village over, the population is also welcomed in the village, made a small stop to play with the children and have fun together. Best Motorcycling trails are in northern Thailand, the motorcycle-friendly roads throughout Southeast Asia. The Mae Hong Son - loop, one of the world's 10 best bike routes. Motorcycling is probably the only and best way to explore Northern Thailand. With the motorcycle, you can explore places off the streets. The offer tours in motorcycle groups Enjoy and easily experience the most exciting, exotic and kulturellste Motorcycle - adventure of a lifetime. Our resort is located right in the middle, so to speak, in the paradise for motorcyclists.



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Our kitchen offers you delicious Thai rice dishes or European dishes. We process mainly fruits and vegetables organically grown, handpicked especially, aromatic rice from the mountain villages in the area, guaranteed untreated. The rice-growing area around Phrao is known beyond Thailand for the best quality and taste particularly good rice. The fruits are exported from this area in particularly good quality. Enjoy the friendly hospitality at the rustic restaurant, bar, they meet friends or make them new contacts.